From the day excavation began until the trim was being completed, I watched Dave take a personal interest in every single phase of the project. This was quite amazing to me and greatly appreciated. As i look at the finish work in this home, I am constantly reminded of Dave's design talents. Mike did an outstanding job in converting those sketches on the sheet rock into actual finished woodwork.

We would like to thank everyone at Blum for the tremendous amount of effort that went into building this house and we hope that you will not hesitate to have prospective clients contact us with any questions or converns they may have. We have truly enjoyed working with you and wish Blum Builders continued success in the future.

Joseph P. Leberer, M.D.

This is an expression of our appreciation for building a spectacular custom home for our family. We have been in our new Blum home for one year now. It is just wonderful to live in a home of this exceptional quality. Our project was staffed with top talent in all disciplines of the various trades: framers, masons, plumbers, excavators, carpenters, painters, electricians, etc. Those workers were highly skilled and took great pride in their work.

It is our opinion that Blum is the best builder in the area - the proven process both on the business and building side sets Blum apart from all other builders. The professionalisn, service, skill, quality, flexibility, and integrity that all members of the Blum team exhibited throughout the entire process is unmatched in our marketplace.

James and Cheryl Suffoletto

...would like you both to know how pleased we have been with the new home. I have been particularly impressed with the solid construction that has been built into the house. We are also pleased with, and receive daily enjoyment from, the design and detail work in the finishing millwork used through the house.

Roger D. Bollier

We want to thank you and all the people at Blum Builders for the excellent job that was done in building our new house. As we were under construction, several people voluntarily commented to us that Blum Builders were "the best," and now we believe that to be true.

We know that building a house can be time consuming and frustrating at times, so Jeff and Dave, we appreciate your patience with us. But the project was also pleasant and fun. And when the end product is as great as our new home, it was worth the time and effort. Thanks again to all involved.

Joe and Jane Kite